About us

Lucknow has been known for it’s tehzeeb – it’s mannerism, which spans into everything that touches Lucknow. Be it Lucknow’s culinary culture, embroidery, language, dresses, or even quarrels. It’s safe to say that the essence of the Lucknowi tehzeeb can be well delivered via two means – food and hospitality.

Tehzeeb Group stems from the motivation by Late Ch. Ghazanfar Hussain (Shuja’s father), whose ideas inspired the founding members to pursue a responsible business.

Chaudhary Ghazanfar Hussain

We, at Tehzeeb Group, want to serve you with the Lucknow hospitality in travel, and the best of Lucknowi food. We are an old timer Lucknowi family who has lived and breathed Lucknow since generations, and we want to bring the Lucknow that we know, to you, and around the country.

We want to provide a comfortable and dependable personal travel experience with our cab transportation wing. We cater to your needs with a fleet of cars containing small, mid-size, and luxry cars. We’re starting out from Lucknow, targeting to open our branch offices across the country.

With our fisheries wing, our vision is to cater to local markets of villages around Lucknow, and then across UP, to supply fish sponges for fish production, and sale of fishes to retailers and wholesellers alike.

Throughout this, our efforts are also focused at being a responsible business by helping local farmers, our driver partners, and other associated people, through our fisheries and transportation wings.



Registration# UPSA28720055

Bada Imambada, Lucknow

Our Executive

Nida Amina

CEO & MD, Tehzeeb Travels

Our Fisheries Team