Tehzeeb Fisheries

Pisciculture is an involving, yet a satistying process. We sell the sponges of fishes like Rehu, Grass, Common, Silver, Bhakur, and many others. It takes 3 months to prepare, and after the fish sponges are sold to various wholesale dealers in many nearby places like Rudauli, Haidergarh, Semrauta, Jayas, Raibareli etc.

To prepare the sponges, the tedious process of empting the whole of a pond takes place. After this, the pond is thoroughly cleaned and is refilled with fresh water. To keep the water clean, potassium and limestone is added to the water. Once the water is ready, many litres of fish sponges are transferred into these water ponds, which grow up to be healthy fishes in 3 months.

Dealers from the abovementioned places buy these sponges fresh, directly at the ponds, and later sell it to their retail customers.

The fish sponges which remain in the water, are kept and cared for, until they become adult fishes, and are then sold again as adult fishes.

The wholeselling price of the sponges ranges from INR 150 to INR 170 per kilogram.

For more information about fisheries, contact us either via email or phone.